Fannie Mae closes 2015 risk-sharing program with latest deal with insurers

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established guidelines governing singlefamily credit risk sharing by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises) with the intent of reducing their overall risk and, therefore, the risk they pose to taxpayers while they are in conservatorship. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac started

We are pleased to test new and innovative ways to diversify our risk sharing counterparties and to structure this deal in a manner that promotes efficiency and safety." In this transaction, CIRT-2014-1 which became effective November 1, 2014, Fannie Mae retains risk on the first 50 basis points of loss on a $6.419 billion pool of loans.

Fannie Mae Announces Two credit insurance risk Transfer Transactions on. The two deals, CIRT 2018-2 and CIRT 2018-3, which together cover $10 billion of. coverage on $254 billion of loans through the CIRT program.

15:50 ET Subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter, Top News. Fannie Mae completes risk-sharing deal with reinsurance industry. Fannie Mae took another step forward in helping to shield taxpayers from future risk by completing a transaction involving a panel of private reinsurers that will provide credit-risk coverage for a $4.68 billion pool of mortgage loans.

Fannie Mae produced an automated underwriting system (AUS) tool called Desktop Underwriter (DU) which lenders can use to automatically determine if a loan is conforming; Fannie Mae followed this program up in 2004 with Custom DU, which allows lenders to set custom underwriting rules to handle nonconforming loans as well.

Lenders One: Lenders finally being forced to change fannie mae announces latest sale of non-performing loans Fannie Mae Announces Sale of Non-Performing Loans | Fannie Mae – October 11, 2017. Fannie Mae Announces Sale of Non-Performing Loans Alicia Jones 202-752-5716. WASHINGTON, DC – fannie mae (fnma/otc) today announced its latest sale of non-performing loans, including the company’s ninth and tenth Community Impact Pools.While the "economic winds" have been at the backs of millennials for nearly a decade, a change in the weather. discretionary spending being the main culprit to the burgeoning balances. Consumption.

As part of its effort to reduce the taxpayers’ burden, Fannie Mae announced Friday that it completed its fifth and sixth credit risk-sharing transactions as part of its Credit Insurance Risk Transfer program. Through these latest deals, Fannie Mae said that it has acquired more than $800 million of insurance coverage on over $32 billion [.]

Fannie Mae transfers further $22bn of loan risk to re/insurers. 27th July 2018 – Author: Matt Sheehan The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) has completed its fourth and fifth Credit Insurance Risk Transfer (CIRT) transactions of 2018, which together provide re/insurance cover for $22 billion of loans.

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As of the end of 2015, the GSEs have transferred at least some of the risk on $693.2 billion of unpaid principal balance through Fannie Mae’s CAS (Connecticut Avenue Securities) and Freddie Mac’s STACR (Structured Agency Credit Risk) transactions (see Table).

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Fannie Mae’s CAS program is the most actively traded credit risk transfer product in the market, and the new. risk sharing webpages. This includes Fannie Mae’s innovative Data Dynamics ® tool,