Is Seattle about to do away with single-family zoning?

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 · The 90-year creep of single-family zoning across Seattle. The Emerald City has witnessed a slow but steady creep of single-family zoning across its landscape. In 1923, single-family zoning covered roughly one-third of the (geographically smaller) city. Today, this zoning type consumes more than half of Seattle. As the city council downzoned larger and larger tracts of Seattle to single-family.

Seattle’s single-family zoning code has long been a defining feature of the city’s character. A draft of the work of the Seattle mayor’s housing task force includes a big surprise: They have talked of doing away with the city’s single-family zoning. Share story.

O’Brien is taking away your right to add on a kitchen or bathroom or any space if your house is currently 2,500 sq ft or larger and non-conforming to his wishes – which includes the majority of Seattle homes city-wide in single-family neighborhoods.

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On the same lot, single-family zoning currently allows a three-story house up to 3,885 ft2, so a rezone from single-family to RSL would reduce the indoor living space by 43 percent. Roughly 900 of the 6,100 lots that the city has proposed to upzone from single-family to RSL are 3,700 ft2 or less.

In what is shaping up to be a potential nation-sweeping wave, Oregon lawmakers voted to eliminate single-family zoning in much of the state. The bill that the Oregon Senate approved Sunday has the.

According to a report from The Seattle Times, Seattle is considering a plan to do away with single-family zoning within the city and replace it with "lower density residential.". Per the Seattle Times report, Seattle’s single-family zoning is a "defining feature of Seattle’s strong neighborhood feel," and has been for more than 100 years.

 · Get rid of single-family zoning in Seattle. That’s the big message in a draft report being worked on by Mayor Ed Murray’s housing committee, obtained by The Seattle Times. According to a draft letter, the city needs to move away from the idea that all families can live in their own home on a piece of land, the Times reports.

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He feels that when I reported a few weeks ago that his housing committee wanted to do away with single-family zoning to allow duplexes and triplexes, the implication was that the city would come out.