Moody’s issues ratings for $1B Invitation Homes rental securitization

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The irst securitization of single-family rentals occurred in November 2013, by Invitation Homes Since then ten more companies have entered into the market, generating 39 securitizations totaling approximately $19.2 billion3 The number of single-family rentals has been growing dramatically-from 10.5

We are offering $350,000,000 aggregate principal amount of our % convertible senior notes due 2020 (the "notes"). We will pay interest on the notes semi-annually, in arrears, on April 1 and October 1.

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Invitation Homes and its predecessor entities have issued a total of 15 securitizations; to date, four have paid off. It is also the fifth rated single-family rental securitization to include a voluntary substitution feature that permits the issuer to replace any property or subportfolio of properties with a substitute property or portfolio of.

New York, November 09, 2017 — Moody’s Investors Service, ("Moody’s") has assigned definitive ratings to four classes of certificates backed by one floating rate loan with a seven year term secured by mortgages on 4,419 single-family rental properties owned by Invitation Homes. 2,337 properties in this pool are part of the Invitation Homes 2014.

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Moody’s issues ratings for $1B Invitation Homes rental securitization. Moody’s Investors Service has issued its provisional ratings for the $1 billion single-family rental securitization from Invitation Homes.Moody’s becomes the third ratings agency to issue $483.3 million in AAA ratings to the largest tranche of the deal.

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losses exceeded the size of the subordinated class, might be inconsistent with a Aa2 rating. Moody’s might assign a rating one or two notches lower to the mezzanine class (i.e., a rating of Aa3 or A1). Introduction to Moody’s Analysis of Securitization Transactions and Structures 3 None Sr/Sub #1 Sr/Sub #2 Sr/Mez/Sub Subordination Level

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