New GSE appraisal database to tighten scrutiny on mortgage lenders

A recent MBA Chart of the Week focused on the Independent Mortgage Banks net production. but with the new TRID rules looming, is the industry staring down a black hole? The Community Home Lenders.

Among other new duties, the underwriter will take extra time to review the appraisal with all its new acronyms, confusing terms and fields; then, send it to the investor for their data-base review, receive feedback (probably negative), run it by risk-management (which is a new internal review/approval process that each lender will need to.

In the appraisal space, any new standardized data point has to make its way into the appraisal form; work must be done by forms vendors; and appraisers need to update their software and understand the new data point. Lenders then need to ensure they can collect the data point and apply it where needed, and tech vendors must update their.

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This has truly gone way over my head. Eating or being eaten by perceptions. Makes not the least bit of sense even after the explanation. Let’s see, this started out as something about the uad enabling predatory appraisal report data mining by the GSEs or those favored few who gain access to the GSE files.

DeMarco pointed to the need to manage credit and interest rate risks of $5 trillion in mortgage assets and $1 trillion of annual new business and said. $2 trillion in financial obligations each.".

The new system will be available June 27. Lenders have until March 19 before they are required to send appraisal reports through the portal for all loans originated after Dec. 1.

According to the source post: "New GSE appraisal database to tighten scrutiny on mortgage lenders" – Appraisers began submitting electronic property data for mortgages sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under new guidelines that took effect Thursday (9/1/11).

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