Prime Foreclosure Starts Surge Past Subprime in July

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Existing home sales increased for the fourth straight month in July. in foreclosure or behind in their payments, according to figures from the Mortgage Bankers Association. Non-subprime loans,

That’s a better track record than rivals, with the rate on subprime mortgages packaged into bonds averaging almost 37 percent, Bloomberg data show. for the size of losses per foreclosure, the.

Hawaii Did See Surge in subprime lending economic research suggests that the current mortgage crisis on the mainland has been driven by declining house values Hawaii vulnerable to same dynamic if house prices fall Many of the subprime loans layered multiple risk factors, such as variable interest rates, no documentation, and/or

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Utah Did See Surge in Subprime Lending Economic research suggests that the current mortgage crisis has been driven by declining house values Utah vulnerable to same dynamic if house prices fall According to the Pew Center for the States, 1 out of 25 homeowners in Utah are projected to face foreclosure in

(Subprime mortgages with fixed rates, on the other hand, have had a more stable performance.) The fraction of subprime ARMs past due ninety days or more or in foreclosure reached nearly 15 percent in July, roughly triple the low seen in mid-2005.1 For so-called near-prime loans in alt-A securitized pools (those made to

Prime foreclosure starts in July were well more than double the 51,000 recorded one year earlier, and up almost 10 percent from June; in comparison, subprime foreclosure starts in July were up 22 percent from one ago, and up 10 percent month-over-month as well.

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Prime Foreclosure Starts Surge Past Subprime in July Diana Golobay was a reporter with HousingWire through mid-2010, providing wide-ranging coverage of the U.S. financial crisis. She has since.

description of the crisis, while the former two are counterfactuals. subprime borrowers and -0.00166 for prime borrowers).. on comparison between prime and subprime borrowers and their default and foreclosure statistics, commercial real estate loans is preceded by a large surge in subprime default rates that started.

Before the Great Recession, the majority of foreclosure starts were among subprime borrowers (i.e., those whose credit scores were below 660 before they entered foreclosure). 4 Figure 1 shows that the Great Recession led to a striking change in the composition of foreclosures between prime