Record income growth helps homebuyers in poorer cities

First-Time Homebuyer Workshop  · Middle-income metros also saw solid growth, however a rise in home prices in these markets cancelled out any gains made. The same can’t be said for the low-income metros.

Focus on Inequality and Growth december 2014 directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Does income inequality hurt economic growth? widespread increases in income inequality have raised concerns about their potential impact on our societies and economies. New OECD research shows that when income inequality rises, economic growth falls.

Yet there are many exceptions to this pattern: Sarasota, Fla., Oklahoma City, and Austin, Texas, have also had high income growth but have had lower price appreciation, while places like west palm beach, Ventura County, and Miami haven’t experienced much income growth but have seen strong price gains.

Race of Head of Household by Median and Mean Income All Races [<1.0 MB] White [<1.0 MB]

The states with the most disparity between the poorest and richest counties in the U.S. are Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, Maryland, and Tennessee, all of which have a gap of about $80,000 or more in median household income.

Fannie Mae selling $1.2B in non-performing loans The practices surrounding the government’s sales of deeply delinquent, non-performing loans (npls) have drawn considerable. It is the third Community Impact Pool offered for sale by Fannie Mae.

I left journalism out of a desire to dig in and help community, not just report on it. I became involved in working with cities and the neighborhoods. must be focused on both the rental market and.

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Part 1: Is population growth good or bad for economic development? Share this blog post This post is the first in a two part series exploring the relationship between population growth and economic development – a relationship that appears to have changed over time.

Average income growth in the most expensive markets was 3.4%, only slightly higher than the 2.7% increase in prices. Why are incomes growing? It’s tough tell at this stage, but we’ll have a much better idea when individual ACS survey records are released later in the year. In general, though, income growth can rise for a few different reasons.

BALTIMORE – A healthy dose of job growth has long been seen as a likely cure for poverty. But new research suggests that poor Americans are frequently left behind even when their cities. income.

And income growth has been sluggish by historical standards, leaving many Americans feeling stuck in place. Those trends help explain something unique about this expansion: It’s easily the least.

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