SEC passes CEO Pay Ratio Rule on 3-2 partisan vote

However, companies that fail their SOP one year seem to find religion by correcting their pay practices to pass their votes the following. With the SEC closing in on its CEO/median worker pay ratio.

Public companies must disclose the ratio. CEO pay to median employee pay under a rule adopted Wednesday by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The rule, mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street.

SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. the median of the annual total compensation of all employees to the annual total compensation of the chief executive officer. The disclosure is required in any annual report, proxy or information. A. Scope of Final Rule. 1. Pay Ratio Disclosure.

SEC’s New Rule on CEO Pay Ratio 09/16/2015 On August 5, 2015, the Securities and exchange commission (sec) approved by a vote of 3-2 a controversial new rule requiring publicly traded companies to disclose the ratio of the annual pay of the chief executive officer (CEO) to the median annual pay of all of the company’s employees.

executive officer), the annual total compensation of that issuer's chief. C. Proposed Requirements for Pay Ratio Disclosure. 1. or voting decision, and they disputed the potential benefits cited by commenters who supported.. time (e.g., six months, 12 months) has passed following the closing of the.

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The SEC took an important step this month in fulfilling its obligations to pass executive compensation rules under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The agency approved by a 3-2 vote a final rule mandating corporate disclosure of the ratio of the CEO’s annual pay compared to that of the median employee.

Commission votes 3-2 to approve the measure. The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday voted 3-2 to approve the measure, with the panel’s two Republican members opposing it.

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Why Buffett never votes no on CEO pay governance on which shareholders now have an advisory vote. A number of commenters noted that the pay ratio disclosure will be important to them as they exercise their say-o n-pay votes. – SEC Chair Mary Jo White during the Aug. 5, 2015, vote approving the fi nal rulemaking While it is possible the CEO pay ratio rule will either

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